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CKDT designs beautiful interfaces for websites and mobile apps.

With passion for minimal design, branding and technology we create high quality user friendly products.

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  • Front-end Development

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development, html5, css, jquery

LOSBANGELES.COM is a fresh new online lifestyle magazine that tells the story of creative individuals, passionate companies and innovative brands.

CKDT and MIERAS.ORG created an amazing custom theme for wordpress, which lets the users create their own responsive layout for each article.

Museumnacht 2012

Interaction, UX, UI Design

The Amsterdam Museum Night is a cultural event which annually receives over 27,500 visitors. The company organizing this event is called N8. In 2012, N8 decided to change their brand strategy, communication and design. You can read more about this change over here.

CKDT designed a scalable website for both the Museum Night as N8, commissioned by Festina Lente Collective.

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  • - Part 1
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N8 Website

Interaction, UX, UI Design

N8 connects a young audience with the Amsterdam museums. N8 organizes events, provides professional advice, host workshops and looks for strategic alliances.

CKDT designed a responsive website for N8, commissioned by Festina Lente Collective.

Crosby, Stills & Nash

Interaction, UX, UI Design

The official Crosby, Stills & Nash App for iPhone® gives fans the opportunity to experience stunning content. Dive into the comprehensive history of CSN, read about & listen to all CSN albums, relive the best shows ever played or get up close and personal with david, stephen & graham.

CKDT designed the user experience for the App, commissioned by Hoog+Diep.

  • Crosby, Stills Nash app - part 1
  • Crosby, Stills Nash app - part 2
  • Crosby, Stills Nash app - part 3
  • Meltin'Pot - Logo
  • Hifi Klubben - Logo
  • Pristine - Logo
  • N-store - Logo

    by CKDT

  • Viewbook - Logo
  • Swets - Logo
  • N8 - Logo
  • Museum Rotterdam - Logo
  • GOTO - Logo

    by CKDT

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Interaction, UX, UI Design

MELTIN'POT is about life and our relentless passion to live life to the fullest. In 2011, this authenic denim company changed their brand strategy, communication and design.

CKDT designed a rich media website packed with social features, commissioned by …,staat creative agency


Branding, Communication, Interaction, UX, UI Design

N-store - Digital Signage, provides internal communication systems through screens. Create your own TV channel and manage it online.

CKDT rebranded the entire N-store look and feel and sub-brands. Stationary, Car Design, Interior Design, Infographics and the Corporate Website.

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  • - part 1


Interaction, UX, UI Design

Viewbook enables image creators to design and manage their portfolio websites and show their work in a flexible and beautiful way. On the Web, iPad and iPhone.

CKDT was hired to help designing the corporate website and the new version of their fabulous software.

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Concept, Interaction, UX, UI Design

With you can share your best recipes and favourite dishes with other food enthusiasts around the world. Create a tasteful foodblog in seconds.

The project is started by Ronny Wieckardt and Richard Boelen. Read more about it here.


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